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UpdatedMonday March 28, 2022 by RH / RBK LL.

Red Hook / Rhinebeck LL Coaches 10 Guidelines

  1. Please remember our program is about teaching kids more than baseball or softball –it's prepping them for leading and teaching them how to be a team member (and supporting team mates).
  2. Coaches to stress "competing" – not winning or losing – our goal is to teach them proper baseball and softball fundamentals. Find and name the positives after games/practices.
  3. Player attitudes ... often come directly from their coaches. Don't be negative.
  4. Don't tolerate bad behavior (throwing helmets/bat/glove), take players aside and communicate the consequences for this behavior – and follow up on these.
  5. Insist on hustle on and off.
  6. Be consistent and fair. Keep the line-up and positions changing, especially at the younger levels – kids should have a chance to play all positions and bat early in the line-up.
  7. Don't be critical of umpiress – especially in public and in front of your team – this gives kids an excuse to fail. Always talk to umps privately if there’s a grievance.
  8. You are their coach – not their friend – keep that distance in place.
  9. Practices: Try and keep them moving – and mix them up – a lot of standing around is trouble.
  10. Pitching: Make sure to follow the pitch count rules; this is mandatory.


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