RH / RBK 2020 Season Update for April 5

UpdatedSaturday April 25, 2020 byJeff Cassens.

April 5 Update

Thank you for visiting the website for an update.  Little League activities for Red Hook and Rhinebeck Little League remain postponed until on or after May 11.  During this time, we hope that are little league families are safe and we wish for good health for our families and the many heroes that are involved in essential businesses.

We wanted to give you a quick update on the current thinking of the local little league board members.  It goes without saying that any plans are contingent on developments between now and the beginning of baseball, and to that end we continue to monitor advice from Little League International and local health agencies.

Should we be able to begin Little League activities on or about May 11, the division leaders are prepared to roster teams and begin scheduling.  The following elements have been discussed:

  • Begin games as soon as possible,
  • Potentially rostering teams for a majors and a minors division for in house play (reducing coach and player pitch to a single division for 2020),
  • For Majors:  in addition to a practice, play 3 games a week.  Conclude 1 week prior to the mid-June picnic date / tournament start to allow for an abbreviated playoff.  This would enable a 12 game regular season, plus post season play.
  • For Minors and Tee Ball:  extending the season into July, allowing these teams to play twice a week as they have in the past,
  • Jr/Sr:  Depends on district schedule / play as this is a program that travels throughout the county.
  • Softball:  Similar to Jr/Sr baseball, this depends on district schedule / play.

To this end, we are working to obtain enough baseball and softball equipment to begin the season in spite of a constrained supply chain.  Uniforms, umpire scheduling, and other purchases will be looked in the future as we are trying to limit 2020 expenses in case the season is cancelled and refunds must be made.

As previously announced, a restatement of the refund policy has been approved by the boards for the 2020 spring season.  Terms remain largely the same with the addition that in the event of a cancellation of the spring season full refunds will be made.  Our friends and neighbors who are encountering a financial hardship for which an immediate refund would be helpful are encouraged to confidentially contact Jeff Cassens.

We are continuing to post some drills and skills on the website that can be worked on at home.  As the weather warms, we encourage you to grab a ball and glove and have a catch in the yard.  At the current time, Wager Field remains locked as the park is closed except for the walking trails.

We’ll continue to post updates here, until definitive plans can be made.

April 2, 2020 update:

Little League activities remain suspended until May 11.  As Red Hook and Rhinebeck Little Leagues continue to monitor developments we want to share a message to the families of Little Leaguers from the leadership in Williamsport.