Resumption of Play for Little League Baseball and Softball

Return to Play Protocol

UpdatedFriday July 3, 2020 by RH/RBK LL .

Resumption of Play


Risk:  Playing sports with and against others, in any capacity, holds an inherent risk of a player being infected or injured.  Given the capacity of the virus to spread easily, infection could quickly spread to other individuals such as teammates, opponents, and/or family members.  Red Hook / Rhinebeck Little Leagues intend to implement the following strategies as play resumes, however the risk is ultimately borne by the families who are involved in the program.

Objective:  With the health and safety of our young athletes, coaches, families, and fans; implement safety measures as play is resumed, consistent with recommendations from Little League International and local/state health officials.  Safety measures can be modified at any time during the resumption of play, as needed, including cancellation of practices or games.

Strategies:  Implementation is based on strategies to provide for as safe and healthy an environment as possible as play resumes.  Key elements of the strategy includes:  Health Assessments, Social Distancing, Face Coverings, Frequent Cleansing (including equipment and personal hygiene), limiting player-to-player contact, and restrictions/guidelines on sharing of equipment.

The implementation will include required actions and best practices covered in 8 areas:

  1. Responsibilities of our Players
  2. Responsibilities of our Parents/Players Families
  3. Responsibilities of our Coaches/Volunteers
  4. Responsibliities of game/league Officials
  5. Actions to be taken at our Facilities/League Officials
  6. League Response to a Confirmed Case of Infection
  7. Important Contact Information
  8. Health Self-Assessment questions