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2021 Spring Season Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedThursday January 21, 2021 by RH / RBK LL.

Questions and Answers regarding the 2021 Spring Little League Season


Q:  How much does it cost to participate?

A:  The 2021 Spring Registration Fee Schedule is as follows.  Red Hook / Rhinebeck Little League strives to provide an opportunity for any player to play.  If the registration fee presents a financial hardship, please contact Jeff Cassens about a confidential scholarship.

Regular Registration Rates

- Tee Ball:  $65

- Softball (Little League Ages 9-12):  $115

- Baseball (Little League Ages 6-12):  $120

- Baseball (Junior / Senior – LL Ages 13-15):  $145

Early Registration Discount:  Tee Ball less $10, All others less $20 prior to February 14

Late Registration Fee:  $20 after March 20.


Q:  When do I need to register for participation?

A:  It helps the organization of team selection if you can register as early as possible, and on or before February 14.


Q:  I have a credit from a previous season.  Can I apply the credit to the 2021 Spring Season?

A:  Absolutely.  If the league is carrying a credit, it can be applied during the check-out process.  If you have questions, please contact Jeff Cassens.


Q:  I have a credit from 2020 and won’t be able to participate this spring.  Can I get a refund?

A:  Yes.  Please contact Jeff Cassens for a refund which will be issued via paper check.


Q:  What are the dates of play for the spring season?

A:  Game Play is scheduled to begin on or about Monday, April 19 and conclude on Saturday June 12.  Schedules will be adjusted based on guidance from state and local health authorities and Little League International.  Practice will begin in the beginning of April, to be determined based on field conditions.


Q:  How many games will be scheduled?

A:  The league strives for a 7-week, 12-game schedule, with up to two games a week.  Practices will be scheduled based on managers input and field availability.  Typically teams will practice 1-2 times per week once the games begin. 


Q:  What days of the week will practices and games be on?

A:  Traditionally Tee Ball plays on Mondays and Fridays.  For all other divisions, weekday evenings Monday through Friday.  Saturday day games.  Sundays are available to coaches for practices.   Schedules will be established as registration closes, team counts are available, and team managers are named.


Q:  What field(s) will my son or daughter play on?

A:  Red Hook Central Schools, Red Hook Rec Park, Rhinebeck Central Schools, Wager Field (Rhinebeck), Stone Church are home venues available to the league.  Players age 9 and above will participate in play across the district and travel to other leagues in Dutchess County.


Q:  I would like to volunteer, what is required?

A:  Our coaches are the face of the league to the community.  For the time investment they make to enable our players to participate in Little League, we applaud our coaches.  Please take a moment to read the brief 10 expectations of our coaches.  Please complete a volunteer application in the registration system.  All volunteers are required to complete a background check per Little League International rules.  Managers and coaches are required to attend a mandatory coaches meeting which is planned for March 20th.


Q:  I am unable to attend the mandatory coaches meeting, what can I do?

A:  Attendance is required.  Please contact Tom Connolly or Jim Mulvey.  A second meeting date will be established if enough volunteers need another meeting date.


Q:  I volunteered last year, do I need to attend the coaches meeting?

A:  Yes.  Managers and Coaches are the face of the league to the community.  All managers and coaches are required to attend the annual 1st Aid training and receive information regarding the league and league expectations of our volunteers.


Q:  I would like my son or daughter to play up a division.  What should I do?

A:  Players evaluations are scheduled for the week of March 20-26.  Please make your request known to Jim Mulvey or Tom Connolly and attend the evaluation date/time scheduled for the desired level.


Q:  Will there be indoor winter training in 2021?

A:  The current plan is to start practices outdoors as soon as the fields and weather allow.  In the interest of the health and safety of our players and their families and out of an abundance of caution, we don't anticipate indoor clinics this spring.  Should that change, a news article will be posted on the website and a note will be sent to players who are registered for the 2021 season.


Q:  I would prefer my son or daughter play down a division.  What should I do?

A:  Please contact Jim Mulvey or Tom Connolly.


Q:  Can I request a coach for my player?

A:  The league strives for an equity of play.  Teams are established in an effort to make all games competitive and meaningful.  Therefore coach and teammate assignments cannot be honored.  Exception:  Tee Ball is often the first organized play for our children.  Please contact Jeff Cassens if your player has a friend we can pair up.  Not all requests can be honored, but if requested we will try to align each player with at least one friend on a team.


Q:  Will my son or daughter be on a team of all Red Hook or Rhinebeck Players?

A:  The league constructs teams with a goal to make the teams as evenly matched as possible.  The boundary charter of residence or school attended is not a part of the criteria for team creation.


Q:  What gear does my player need?

A:  Sneakers or rubber/plastic baseball shoes, a glove, water, baseball pants in the upper divisions.  If you chose to purchase a bat, please ensure it carries the “USA Baseball” certification.  The league will provide each player a ball cap and shirt, and each team a bag of team gear (baseballs, catchers gear, bats, helmets).


Q:  What provisions are being made to address COVID-19?

A:  Please see our return to play information on our website.  We anticipate that masks will continue to be required for all spectators, and all players and volunteers will complete a health self-assessment prior to coming to a little league event.  The health and safety of our players is a primary concern for league organizers.  Given those concerns, the 2020 spring season was cancelled and we leveraged the return to play guidelines for the fall programs.  We will update best practices in line with guidance from state and federal health agencies as well as Little League International.


Q:  The FAQ has not addressed my question, what can I do?

A:  Please contact Jeff Cassens, Tom Connolly, or Jim Mulvey.  We look forward to addressing your question.