Softball: LL Age 7 players eligible for Softball Minors!

UpdatedThursday January 13, 2022 by RH/RBK LL.

Little League Age 7 players are eligible for Softball Minors

Eligibility for Softball Minors has been extended to Little League Age 7 players.  Softball little league age is basically the players age on December 31 of the previous year (for the spring season).  You can check your players age at the age calculator.

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Please note, players little league age 6 with one season of Tee Ball are eligible to register for Little League Baseball Minors.  Players little league age 5 with one season of Tee Ball should contact for assistance in registering for baseball minors.  Players age 5 or 6 are not eligible to register for Softball Minors.